San Diego Community Power (SDCP) is a Community Choice Aggregation program (CCA), formed by community leaders to benefit our customers. Our program will provide renewable electricity service to about 770,000 customer accounts in the cities of Chula Vista, Encinitas, Imperial Beach, La Mesa and San Diego once we have fully launched.

We successfully launched service for our Municipal customers on March 1, 2021. Our Commercial customers will have their service launch in June 2021 and our Residential customers will begin service in early 2022.

We’re energy professionals who partner with SDG&E to bring you reliable, affordable electricity from renewable sources. Your control over an affordable, cleaner electricity supply is our top priority.

How it Works

Community Choice programs are locally run, not-for-profit agencies that are operating in communities all across the state. We focus on people rather than profits, to provide local control of energy choices and a proven path to cost-competitive, 100% renewable energy.

San Diego Community Power purchases renewable energy and feeds it into the electricity grid, cleaning up the power supply for everyone. SDG&E delivers that power to all SDCP customers and maintains the lines.


Buys electricity from renewable sources


Delivers power and maintains the grid


Cleaner power, local control and competitive rates

Powerful Reasons to Choose SDCP

SDCP’s cleaner power choices give you affordable options for cleaner energy, shifting control from profit-driven investor-owned utility into the hands of customers. That adds up to:

Cleaner power at competitive prices

with tiered energy programs to support healthier communities

Local control by community representatives

who prioritize people and program transparency

Reinvestment of revenues

into community programs that support economic vitality

Local job creation

through funding of renewable energy projects close to home

Proven success

more than 170 communities in the state are already saving money while reaching their climate action goals

A Simple, Sensible Model

Community Choice Energy might be new to you, but programs just like this one have been springing up throughout California for over 10 years. SDCP is one of 23 programs already serving over 10 million customers. Why is Community Choice growing so fast? That’s easy—it’s a simple model that works for people of every age, ethnicity and income group. You get choices that make real sense. Choices that are sensible, affordable, and focused on the future.

Energy from Clean, Renewable Sources

At SDCP, we have a sharp focus on cleaner air for families today and future generations. That’s why we buy clean power from sources that are renewable and abundant. We contract for wind and solar power as the majority of our power mix. And since we strive to protect the health of all customers and future generations, we’re committed to entirely clean and renewable electricity by 2035 or sooner.

* SDCP will get our renewable power from solar, wind, and large hydro

Why it Matters

Competition in any field spurs the competitors on to better ideas, prices, and products, as they try to win customer loyalty. CCAs are being formed to introduce healthy competition to the electricity marketplace, which has operated as a monopoly for generations. SDCP is offering customers electricity program innovation: choices for smart products and services that are right for today, and will create a healthier tomorrow.

California Statewide Impact*

California communities from Humboldt County to Riverside have been launching CCA programs just like ours through the past decade, increasing the demand for renewable energy as customers commit to cleaner, greener power sources. We’ve already seen long-term power contract commitments for nearly 6,000 megawatts of new renewable energy as a direct result of these programs. As dozens of additional new CCA programs take shape across the state, those numbers will continue to skyrocket, impacting the fiscal and physical health of our communities.

3,860 Megawatts

Solar Panels

1,030 Megawatts

Wind Turbines

14 Megawatts


* California CCAs amass 6,000 MW in long-term contracts with new-build clean energy resources