Commercial Rates

Powering your bottom line.

A Business Model that’s a Win-Win

At SDCP, we feel pretty sure that you’d want to reduce your carbon footprint if it didn’t hurt your bottom line. Showing environmental leadership will help your customers see that you put people first, which can go far to improve your business. That’s why our PowerOn service level is a great choice for business owners. You can commit to cleaner energy, set a great example, and not have to worry about breaking the bank. Now there’s a business solution that’s future-focused.

What it Buys You

If you’ve explored energy efficiency methods to reduce the overall amount of electricity required to power your business, you know that most of these require an investment up front. All of them can produce big energy-savings payoffs in the long run, but the timing has to be right for it to make business sense.

If now is not the ideal time for you to invest in energy efficiency measures, you can choose SDCP’s PowerOn as a perfect, no-additional-cost alternative. Our automatic enrollment service level is 50% renewable, 5% greenhouse gas free, and a completely affordable choice for cleaner energy for your business—whether it’s large, small, or mid-sized.

Go Even Greener

If you’re ready to make just a small investment, consider upgrading to our premium electricity service level, Power100. This 100% renewable service costs less than a penny more per kWh, but it gives you a powerful marketing opportunity with your customer base. Show your customers that you share their values of good health and environmental justice, and you’ll earn their respect and support. As a Power100 customer, you can enroll in our Power100 Champion program to get recognized as a leader!

If your account resides in the City of Encinitas, you have the choice to stay in Power100, opt down to PowerOn (50% renewable energy), or opt out.


If you were enrolled in SDCP service in the year 2021 – the vast majority of our non-res customers – please see our SDCP Board Approved Non-Res (Commercial) Rates Effective 2/1/2022 below.

2022 Non-Res Rates for Customers Enrolled in 2021

If you were enrolled in SDCP service in the year 2022 – a very small percentage of our non-res customers – please see our SDCP Board Approved Non-Res (Commercial) Rates Effective 2/1/2022 below.

2022 Non-Res Rates for Customers Enrolled in 2022

Joint Rate Comparison

As a part of our shared commitment to provide energy options to our customers, San Diego Community Power (SDCP) and San Diego Gas & Electric® (SDG&E®) have jointly created a Joint Rate Comparison of our typical electric rates, average monthly bills and electric generation power sources.

The Joint Rate Comparison depicts estimated costs based on average customer usage by rate class. Individual customer results may vary based on, but not limited to, usage, distribution, location, and generation load size. View the Joint Rate Comparison.

Historical Rates

Estimate & Compare

With our handy comparison tool, you have the power to estimate and compare what your bill may look like with our PowerOn and Power100 service. Understand how our cleaner service compares to SDG&E’s standard service on a monthly basis. To get started, make sure to have a copy of your SDG&E bill handy.

Due to the many variables that ultimately determine your monthly costs and benefits as a NEM customer, including weather, usage, consumption/generation patterns, and the efficacy of your solar system, the bill comparison tool is not able to accommodate comparisons for NEM customers with negative usage.


Real-Time Pricing (RTP) Pilot Rate – Share Your Thoughts!

SDCP is seeking feedback from our largest commercial customers on offering an equivalent Real-Time Pricing (RTP) pilot rate, as proposed by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). The proposed new RTP Pilot rate is designed to directly pass onto customers the wholesale commodity cost of electricity.

Learn more about Real-Time Pricing (RTP) Pilot Rate & share your interest in SDCP offering an equivalent rate!