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As your local electricity provider, San Diego Community Power exists to serve you with reliable, affordable energy from renewable sources. We are focused on what families need and want most when it comes to their energy – whether that is saving money, conserving energy or learning about new ways to live a cleaner and more sustainable lifestyle.

What Is Electrification?

From drying your clothes to heating your bathwater, our homes use a lot of energy.

Switching to electric appliances throughout your home can not only conserve energy, but also reduce your home’s carbon emissions.

Electrification refers to the process of replacing gas-fired appliances in your home with energy-efficient, electric-powered appliances. Burning fossil fuels (like natural gas or propane) for cooking and heating contributes to indoor air pollution and produces carbon emissions that can worsen the effects of climate change. Replacing gas-burning appliances like furnaces, water heaters and ranges/stoves with all-electric alternatives makes your home safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

San Diego Community Power provides the following resources to help you learn about the benefits of an electric lifestyle. In fall of 2023, we launched a marketplace that allows you to explore available equipment and connect with contractors when you’re ready to take the next step in your electrification journey. Learn more about the ways you can power your life with cleaner, safer and healthier energy!

What is electrification?

Learn more about the benefits of electrification and how you can begin to electrify your home.

Learn More About Electrification

Ready to take the next step and start your electrification journey?

SDCP’s electrification marketplace, powered by Electrum, has launched!

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Energy Efficiency for Every Day

Learn how to save energy — and save money! Reduce demand on the power grid and spend less on your energy bill with these energy saving tips and tricks.

Energy Saving Tips