About San Diego Community Power

San Diego Community Power (SDCP) is a community-driven clean energy provider working towards a healthier, more sustainable future.

Mission and Vision

Mission — To provide affordable clean energy and invest in the community to create an equitable and sustainable future for the San Diego region

Vision — To become a global leader and inspire innovative solutions to climate change by powering our communities with 100% affordable clean energy while prioritizing equity and sustainability

What is SDCP?

SDCP is a Community Choice Aggregate (CCA) program — one of dozens that have formed throughout California over the past 20 years. CCAs are not-for-profit public agencies that partner with local investor-owned utilities (SDG&E in our case) to deliver cleaner electricity to their communities. CCAs introduce healthy competition into the energy marketplace and eliminate shareholders who profit on your electricity use.

How does SDCP work?

SDCP purchases electricity that is generated from renewable sources like solar or wind. We purchase enough electricity to cover the needs of our customers. SDG&E delivers that electricity through their existing power lines and continues to provide meter reading, billing and line maintenance to customers.

Customers will receive one bill from SDG&E with SDCP’s electric generation charge replacing SDG&E’s generation charge. Natural gas services and any other utility program, power transmission and distribution fees from SDG&E will not be affected — you’ll continue to receive the same service from SDG&E that you always have.

Questions about billing? Learn more here.

SDCP In the Community

As San Diego’s community-driven clean energy provider, we are constantly seeking opportunities to support and engage with our local communities.

SDCP supports local businesses and organizations through select sponsorships. Would you like SDCP to sponsor your event? View our sponsorship policy here and complete our Sponsorship Request Form for consideration. 

SDCP also offers a Community Grant Program that aims to provide economic, environmental and health benefits to our communities. Learn more about the program and future opportunities here

Our Timeline


The Cities of San Diego, Chula Vista, Encinitas, La Mesa and Imperial Beach came together to establish a joint powers agency.


September: CCA ordinances were passed.


October: The Board held their first meeting.


December: SDCP’s Implementation Plan was submitted to the California Public Utilities Commission.


SDCP implementation activities began.


The Board began holding public meetings on the fourth Thursday of each month.


SDCP became the official service provider for the Cities of San Diego, Chula Vista, Encinitas, La Mesa and Imperial Beach.


Customers received two notices before and two notices after they were enrolled in SDCP. These notices included information on how to opt-out if a customer desired.


SDCP fully enrolled the Cities of San Diego, Chula Vista, Encinitas, La Mesa and Imperial Beach.


SDCP will fully enroll the City of National City and the unincorporated communities of the County of San Diego.


SDCP will begin offering customer programs to nearly 1 million customers.