Supplier Diversity

San Diego Community Power encourages diverse businesses to seek contracting opportunities with us, and to reach out to us with questions and suggestions regarding the contracting process.


Utilities in the state of California each year spend on goods and services that promote economic development across a variety of sectors. Through the statewide Supplier Diversity Program, established by General Order 156 from the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), the state aims to connect an increasing portion of these utility expenses with CPUC certified minority-owned, women-owned, disabled veteran-owned, and/or LGBTQ-owned businesses.

If your business falls into one of those categories, and you are not already certified with the CPUC, we encourage you to seek certification as a Diverse Business Enterprise through the CPUC Supplier Clearinghouse.

Certified suppliers are listed in the publicly accessible Supplier Clearinghouse database. Many utilities, including Community Choice Aggregators (CCAs) like SDCP, utilize the Clearinghouse to identify potential bidders for supplier solicitations.

To learn more about the state’s Supplier Diversity Program, please visit this page.

Why Apply for Certification?

SDCP is committed to providing resources on the Supplier Diversity Program to ensure eligible vendors have the awareness and support they need to pursue certification. SDCP encourages all eligible vendors to seek certification through the CPUC Supplier Clearinghouse.

Beyond receiving official recognition as a diverse business enterprise, your business will have increased visibility with potential clients and customers, as well as gain exposure to a wide range of business opportunities, including solicitations by utilities and CCAs.

For information on the certification process and requirements, and to apply for certification, please visit the Supplier Clearinghouse website.

Doing Business with SDCP

All vendors can view SDCP’s contracting opportunities through our Solicitations page and are encouraged to sign up for email notifications and participate in relevant competitive solicitations. Consistent with California Public Utilities Code and CPUC policy objectives, vendors that execute a contract with SDCP will be required to complete a Supplier Diversity Questionnaire to inform some of the statistics SDCP is required to report pertaining to prime and subcontractors.

As a local public agency, SDCP purchases goods and services from small and local businesses to the greatest degree we can in according with our Inclusive and Sustainable Workforce Policy. For procurements that require a solicitation, potential suppliers may receive points for their small or local business status, but SDCP does not make decisions solely based on these classifications.

As a California local government entity, SDCP is bound by California Proposition 209, which prohibits considering race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in its contracting and procurement decisions. Therefore, providing information on certification status and/or use of certified subcontractors will not impact the selection process or good standing of prospective or contracted vendors. In contrast to California’s electrical corporations which are not public agencies, SDCP does not set Supplier Diversity targets or goals.

SDCP’s Reporting per GO 156

Per California Senate Bill 255 (2019), Community Choice Aggregators (CCAs) like SDCP are required to report to the CPUC on spend with diverse businesses, as defined by CPUC General Order 156.

Have questions?

Feel free to reach out to us with questions you may have at or by calling 1-888-382-0169.