Electrify Your Life

Electrifying your home and replacing gas appliances with efficient electric appliances has many benefits that can help you and your neighbors live in safer, healthier homes. Read more below to learn why San Diego Community Power is advancing an all-electric future and the various technologies that help improve your life, save you money and help you create a cleaner future.

Why Electrify

Improve Health

Switching to an electric appliance is an effective way to reduce exposure to harmful indoor air pollution.

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Increase Safety

Reduce the risk of home fires and natural gas leaks while minimizing burns from hot surfaces.

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Reduce Energy Cost

Save on your energy bill with electric appliances that are three to five times more efficient than their gas counterparts.

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Live Sustainably

Eliminate the #1 source of emissions in homes and buildings by switching to electric.

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Ready to go electric?

San Diego Community Power has partnered with Electrum to help you bring residential solar and battery storage to your home. Through our Electrification Marketplace, powered by Electrum, you can receive estimates and connect with licensed contractors who can help make these projects a reality.

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