Residential Rates

Beginning February 2022, San Diego Community Power will be powering your every day.

The Power to Choose

With San Diego Community Power (SDCP), you have the power to choose the electricity service that’s right for you.

PowerOn is our standard, competitively priced service providing 50% renewable plus 5% greenhouse gas free electricity.

Power100 is our optional, premium service providing 100% renewable, 100% carbon-free electricity.

Learn more and compare our service plans.

Renewable Energy is on the Way

Residential customers will start receiving our renewable energy on their meter read in the following months:

City Start Month
Imperial Beach February 2022
La Mesa March 2022
Encinitas* April 2022
San Diego & Chula Vista May 2022
*Per Encinitas City Council Action, residents in the City of Encinitas are automatically enrolled at the Power100 service level. You can always opt-down to PowerOn.

Rate Transparency

At SDCP, we want you to know what you’re paying for. That’s why we’ve committed to publishing our rates well in advance of our residential enrollment. No surprises, no hidden fees.

We work hard to ensure that our rates are competitive, even when you factor in additional fees from SDG&E — who continues to deliver your power.

In early 2022, we will have a handy bill comparison tool available that will allow you to estimate and compare your bill between our PowerOn and Power100 services and SDG&E.


To view our latest complete list of rates, please see our SDCP Board Approved Residential Rates Effective 02.01.2022 below.

Residential Rates Effective as of February 1, 2022

Service for Residential customers will launch starting February 2022, at which point you can choose to stay on PowerOn, opt up to Power100 for 100% renewable energy or opt out of our service and return to SDG&E.

Joint Rate Comparison

As a part of our shared commitment to provide energy options to our customers, San Diego Community Power (SDCP) and San Diego Gas & Electric® (SDG&E®) have jointly created a Joint Rate Comparison of our typical electric rates, average monthly bills and electric generation power sources.

The Joint Rate Comparison depicts estimated costs based on average customer usage by rate class. Individual customer results may vary based on, but not limited to, usage, distribution, location, and generation load size. View the Joint Rate Comparison.

Historical Rates

Estimate & Compare

With our handy comparison tool, you have the power to estimate and compare what your bill may look like with our PowerOn and Power100 service. Understand how our cleaner service compares to SDG&E’s standard service on a monthly basis. To get started, make sure to have a copy of your SDG&E bill handy.