Residential Rates

San Diego Community Power is powering your every day.

Service to Suit Every Need

Serving 5 communities with diverse needs and concerns is a tall order. That’s why we’ve designed our different service levels to offer something that everyone can get behind. Our common sense service and programs all share the great benefits of SDCP membership, including cleaner air, management transparency, and a chance to have your voices heard as we power our way towards a clean energy future.

Cleaner, Affordable Energy

PowerOn is designed to fit the needs of most customers, offering 50% renewable and 5% greenhouse gas free power. That’s cleaner than the 45% renewable content you’ve been paying for with SDG&E, yet it doesn’t cost you any more. When you add in our other advantages, including your right to have a voice in our program policies, and revenue reinvestment to create local jobs, SDCP is a much sweeter deal.

If you’re like so many other Californians who wish there was an easy, effortless way to make an even bigger impact on climate change, we have great news. Our Power100 service level is 100% renewable and 100% carbon-free, and it costs just a tiny fraction more than our standard service. So the electricity you use can be completely free of carbon emissions.

Rate Transparency

At SDCP, we want you to know what you’re paying for.

As more renewable energy sources are developed, clean energy prices generally go down—that’s a simple rule of supply and demand. Yet our cleaner energy still costs you about the same amount you’d pay with SDG&E. Why?

Our rates are required, by law, to include additional fees levied by SDG&E—our partner in delivery and transmission of your power. We work hard to ensure that even when those additional fees are added to the bottom line, you still won’t pay more for our cleaner energy.

So hang in there with us! As more customers join our program, we’ll have the ability to negotiate power contracts that are even more favorable for our customers.


For a complete list of rates, please visit our Residential Rates Sheet as of June 1, 2021. Service for Residential customers is expected to launch in early 2022, at which point you can choose to opt up to 100% renewable energy, opt down to PowerOn if you reside in the City of Encinitas, or opt out.

To view our historical rates, please see below: