Your San Diego Community Power Team

San Diego Community Power is led by professionals right here in our communities—people who understand our needs and share our concerns, whether those are local, regional or global.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is made up of one elected official from each of the communities we serve. Our Board members represent everyone’s interests, and ensure that once costs are covered, the remaining revenues are reinvested for the benefit of all participating communities and cultures. Nobody is left out.

Joe LaCava, Chair
San Diego Councilmember
Terra Lawson-Remer, Vice Chair
San Diego County Supervisor
Paloma Aguirre
City of Imperial Beach Mayor
Kellie Hinze
City of Encinitas Councilmember
John McCann
City of Chula Vista Mayor
Colin Parent
City of La Mesa Councilmember
Ditas Yamane
City of National City Vice Mayor

Community Advisory Committee

We also rely on the guidance of our Community Advisory Committee (CAC), comprising of two representatives from each community.

Applications are now being accepted to fill two vacancies: Chula Vista and the County of San Diego (unincorporated areas). Please apply using this link. Applications will be accepted until the positions are filled.

The current slate of members are:

Chula Vista
  • Anthony Sclafani
  • (Vacant)
County of San Diego
  • Peter Andersen
  • (Vacant)
  • Gary L. Jahns
  • Tara Hammond
Imperial Beach
  • Ilian Sandoval
  • (Vacant)
La Mesa
  • David Harris
  • Lauren Cazares
National City
  • Aida Castañeda
  • Larry Emerson
San Diego
  • Eddie Price
  • Matthew Vasilakis

Finance and Risk Management Committee

The Finance and Risk Management Committee (FRMC) is comprised of three board members appointed by the Board Chair and approved by the Board of Directors. It currently meets the first Thursday of every month at 3 pm. Instructions for attending the meetings can be found in the posted agendas.

  • John McCann, Chula Vista Mayor (Chair)
  • Paloma Aguirre, Imperial Beach Mayor
  • Ditas Yamane, National City Councilmember

Executive Team

Karin Burns
Chief Executive Officer
Eric Washington
Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer
Jack Clark
Chief Operating Officer
Veera Tyagi
General Counsel
Byron Vosburg
Managing Director Power Services


Michelle Porras
Senior Executive Assistant
Maricela Hernandez
Clerk of the Board
Sandra Vences
Assistant Clerk of the Board
Lorena Puga Bernaden
Office Manager and Administrative Assistant
Britt Williams
Executive Assistant

Data Analytics & Account Services

Lucas Utouh
Senior Director of Data Analytics and Customer Operations
Kiran Singh
Director of Data Analytics and IT
Carly Newman
Account Services Manager
Elaine Mezta
Key Account Services Manager
Linda Robertson
IT Manager
Ryan Hanke
Senior Data and Systems Analyst
Aaron (Yichen) Lu
Senior Rates and Strategy Analyst
Brynn Gallahue
Account Services Analyst

Human Resources

Chandra Pugh
Director of People
Charlene Hoffman
HR Analyst
Bria Betz
HR Coordinator


Eric Washington
Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer
Tim Manglicmot
Senior Finance Manager
Christopher Stephens
Procurement Manager
Diana Gonzalez
Risk Manager
Christopher Do
Financial Analyst
Julissa Mercedes
Financial Analyst
Kevin Bateman
Financial Analyst

Customer Programs

Colin Santulli
Director of Programs
Sheena Tran
Senior Program Manager
Timothy Treadwell
Senior Program Manager
Emily Fisher
Senior Program Manager
Nelson Lomeli
Program Manager
Alyson Scurlock
Senior Program Associate
Tessa Tobar
Senior Program Associate

Public Affairs

Jen Lebron
Director of Public Affairs
Lee Friedman
Senior Manager​ Strategic Partnerships
Jill Monroe
Senior Manager Marketing & Communications
Xiomalys Crespo
Community Engagement Manager
Rachel Hommel
Strategic Initiatives Manager
Ashley Rodriguez
Local Government Affairs Manager
Alyson Smith
Digital Media Coordinator
Jushaun Jamieson
Public Outreach Coordinator
Adana Martinez
Public Outreach Coordinator

Regulatory & Legislative Affairs

Laura Fernandez
Director of Regulatory & Legislative Affairs
Stephen Gunther
Senior Regulatory Analyst
Aisha Cissna
Senior Policy Manager
Patrick Welch
Senior Legislative Manager

Power Services

Byron Vosburg
Managing Director Power Services
Kenny Key
Director of Power Contracts
Morgan Adam
Senior Local Development Manager
Carlos Gomes
Senior Portfolio Manager
Tacko Diaite-Koumba
Senior Settlements Manager
Andrea Torres
Senior Portfolio Manager
Asikeh Kanu
Portfolio Manager
Karlee Mink
Portfolio Manager
Erin Hudak
Compliance Analyst
Isabela Krall
Contract Management Associate