Community Power Plan (CPP)

San Diego Community Power (SDCP) is creating its first ever Community Power Plan that will guide the selection, development, and investment of local programs based on community needs and gaps in program offerings.

As a not-for-profit public agency, SDCP has the opportunity to support energy efficiency and decarbonization programs, develop more local renewable energy sources in and near San Diego County, and invest in innovative, clean technologies and energy-related job training.

Public Review and Feedback

On March 2, 2023, SDCP released the public draft of the Community Power Plan in English, Spanish, and Filipino (Tagalog) and sought feedback for 30 days. The public draft of the Plan is available to view although comments are closed. You can view the public draft of the Community Power Plan here.

Community Needs Assessment

To ensure that SDCP invests in programs and initiatives that align with the priorities, needs, and goals of the community, we started by conducting a community needs assessment. SDCP utilized various equitable and inclusive engagement methods that were responsive to people’s different needs and circumstances and varying experiences interacting with government agencies. SDCP sought to make the community needs assessment as accessible as possible to the broadest range of community members. To accomplish this, SDCP employed the following engagement strategies.

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Community-Based Organization Listening Sessions

SDCP partnered with community-based organizations to co-host two rounds of listening sessions with their respective communities. This was done to equitably engage and solicit input from as many community members as possible, with a focus on Communities of Concern. We recognize the value and expertise shared by local leaders, residents, and community-based organizations.

The first round of listening sessions took place between July and September 2022 and focused on learning community priorities, needs, and challenges.

The second round of listening sessions took place between November and December 2022 and focused on reporting back to the community what SDCP learned from the community needs assessment.

A big thank you to our community-based organization partners and community members who took the time to share feedback at the listening sessions!

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Virtual Workshops

SDCP hosted five virtual workshops between July and August 2022 to hear from local businesses, key stakeholders, and the general public about communities and businesses’ priorities, needs, and challenges.

Business Workshop #1July 21, 2022
Key Stakeholders WorkshopJuly 21, 2022
Business Workshop #2July 21, 2022
General Public Workshop #1 (English) July 26, 2022
General Public Workshop #2 (Spanish)August 17, 2022

Pop-Up Engagement

Understanding the vast geographic span of unincorporated San Diego County, SDCP conducted six pop-up engagement events between July and August 2022 to hear about community priorities, needs, and challenges. Many events took place in partnership with County of San Diego libraries and during food distribution events.

Lakeside LibraryJuly 21, 2022
Dulzura Mini Market/Post OfficeJuly 23, 2022
Ramona LibraryJuly 26, 2022
Julian LibraryJuly 27, 2022
Borrego Springs LibraryAugust 2, 2022
Valley Center LibraryAugust 3, 2022
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Community Needs Survey


SDCP launched and promoted a community-wide survey for seven weeks between August and October 2022. The goal of the survey was to further understand the diverse needs and priorities of our communities, especially those that have been historically disadvantaged or underrepresented. The survey was available in English, Spanish, and Filipino (Tagalog).

To encourage as many community members as possible to take the survey and meet community members where they were at, SDCP tabled at over 15 community and pop-up engagement events.

Over 3,000 responses were received. Thank you to everyone who took our community needs survey!

Next Steps

Following the completion of the community needs assessment, SDCP will take the community needs assessment findings and the universe of potential programs to determine which programs align with community needs and help advance SDCP’s mission of investing in our community to “create an equitable and sustainable future for the San Diego region.”

The results will form the initial portfolio of program ideas that SDCP can seek funding for, develop, and launch over the next five years. This information will serve as a guide and be included in the Community Power Plan.

A draft version of the Community Power Plan will be presented to community members for feedback and input in early 2023 before consideration for adoption by SDCP’s Board of Directors.

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