Investing in Communities

For generations, our electricity has been supplied by a for-profit utility with an obligation to produce dividends for its shareholders. Simply stated, those shareholders profited by our electricity use. All that has finally changed as locally governed Community Choice programs have been springing up across the state, with a very different point of view. CCAs put people first, investing in our communities, and making sure the power they use is cleaner, healthier, and reasonably priced.

Because our only shareholder is you, SCDP uses its funds quite differently than for-profit utilities do. Once our program costs are covered, revenues will be re-invested into local programs and projects that advance our collective goals. Other operational CCAs in California have developed Electric Vehicle programs, Energy Efficiency programs, and renewable energy projects close to home. Some have Customer Dividend programs. SDCP’s Board of Directors will decide, with input from our customers and Community Advisory Committee, what our priorities for revenue reinvestment will be. Stay tuned for some exciting developments!

CalCCA Statewide Impact

California communities from Humboldt County to Riverside have been launching CCA programs just like ours through the past decade, increasing the demand for renewable energy as customers commit to cleaner, greener power sources. We’ve already seen long-term power contract commitments for nearly 6,000 megawatts of new renewable energy as a direct result of these programs. A terrific natural side effect of these new renewable energy projects is job creation—together we’re developing a green energy economy that fuels our families.

As dozens of additional new CCA programs take shape across the state, those numbers will continue to skyrocket, impacting the fiscal and physical health of our communities.