Save Energy & Money On Your Electric Bill with OhmConnect

As we work to bring you clean power at competitive rates, we’re proud to share a special offer from our partner, OhmConnect, to help you save energy when it matters most. OhmConnect will let you know the most critical hour in the week when electricity is most expensive.

Not only can OhmConnect help you reduce your energy usage and lower your electricity bill, but you can get paid for the energy you save, too.

How Does It Work?

  1. Sign up with your zip code here
  2. Connect your SDG&E account to OhmConnect so we know how much energy you save.
  3. Claim your welcome gift of $50.
  4. Get notifications to reduce energy and earn rewards that you can cash out for gift cards from your favorite brands or via PayPal.


You’re eligible to get PAID for the energy you can save in your home. How?

The state of California has a process where instead of paying for a dirty, expensive power plant to turn on when there’s a lot of demand, they will actually pay eligible residents to simply use less! Your friends at San Diego Community Power have partnered with OhmConnect to help you save money and help the planet. Join today to start your money-saving journey.

While San Diego Community Power (SDCP) is your electricity generation provider, SDG&E continues to be your electric delivery and billing provider. Please sign up for OhmConnect using your SDG&E account number to take advantage of this special limited offer for SDCP customers, if not enrolled in a demand response program.

Sign Up Today to Save!