Rate Identification Number (RIN)

What is a RIN?

As of April 1, 2024, California utilities are required to include a customer’s RIN on their monthly bill.
A RIN is a unique identifier established by the California Energy Commission (CEC) to allow customers who are on time-of-use pricing plans to access hourly electric pricing.

The RIN is primarily based on electric rates and is not customer-specific.

As a Community Choice Aggregator (CCA) customer with San Diego Community Power (SDCP), your bill has two RINs.

– One RIN for your SDCP Electric Generation.

– One RIN for your SDG&E Electric Delivery. Refer to the Electric Delivery portion of your SDG&E bill.

What is the RIN for?

The RIN is designed by the state to help you better understand your energy bill and how you can manage your energy use and costs.

This information is already available on your monthly bill, but knowing your specific RIN gives you access to a downloadable spreadsheet with hourly electric pricing information from the CEC’s website.

If you are interested in learning how to download this hourly pricing report, you can find guided steps on the CEC website. Please note that information provided via the CEC’s pricing report is not a substitute for the electric rate and pricing identified on your monthly bill.

To empower consumers, the state plans to offer additional online tools to help you manage your energy use and costs. In the meantime, you can learn more about how you can save money and energy on SDCP’s education hub.