Solar Battery Savings Program

Single-family homeowners interested in clean energy and reducing their utility bills can take advantage of our new Solar Battery Savings Program.

What is SDCP’s Solar Battery Savings Program?

San Diego Community Power’s new Solar Battery Savings Program is a customer-focused program designed to support single-family homeowners in our service territory who are ready to invest in clean energy and support the grid by installing solar and battery storage on their homes or complement an existing solar system with a new battery storage system.

The program provides two financial incentives for participating customers: an upfront incentive (in the form of a rebate) to minimize the initial cost of the battery system and a performance incentive for a daily dispatch of the battery to maximize benefits for the customer and the grid.

The performance incentive is based on the percentage of battery capacity that a participant dispatches to their home and/or to the grid during a preset window that aligns with the on-peak periods.

With this program, solar and battery installation is more affordable for SDCP customer households.

Program Information

Budget & Incentive Structure

Program incentives are available to qualifying SDCP customers in two tiers; Market Rate and Non-market Rate as noted in the table below:

Customer Types

Market Rate

Non-Market Rate:
CARE/FERA & Communities of Concern

Customer Type Definition

Any and all customers that are not registered with CARE/FERA and/or are not in a Community of Concern

Customers that are registered with CARE/FERA and/or are in a

Upfront Solar Incentive



Upfront Battery Storage Incentive

nameplate useable capacity

Up to $500/kWh²
nameplate useable capacity

Performance Battery Storage Incentive

(based on actual performance over the preset dispatch window during on-peak periods)

# of Events

(weekday only or weekday + weekend)

Event Duration

2 hours
(for calendar year 2024 & 2025)

Battery Enrollment

Participants can select the percentage of their battery’s useable capacity to enroll in the program, with a minimum requirement of 50%


Battery can underperform by up to 10% of the total enrolled capacity per month

Unenrollment in Program

There will be a prorated claw back associated with the upfront incentive if the participant chooses to unenroll within the first five years

  1. Up to based on if participant is eligible for other solar incentives, i.e., SGIP, DAC-SASH and City of San Diego’s Solar Equity Program
  2. Up to based on if the participant is eligible for other upfront storage incentives, i.e., SGIP

Customer Eligibility

SDCP customers that meet the following criteria are eligible for this program:

  • Must be an active SDCP residential customer
    • Customers who have opted out must return to SDCP to be eligible.
  • System equipment must be interconnected and permitted by the appropriate local permitting jurisdiction.
  • Battery must be fully charged by on-site solar (no grid charging allowed).
  • Battery cannot simultaneously be participating (or enrolling) in any other active demand response programs (e.g., emergency load relief program (“ELRP”), demand side grid support (“DSGS”)).
  • Battery systems must be installed after the SDCP application is submitted.

Approved Batteries

If you are a battery manufacturer interested in having your product(s) approved in this program, please use this link to apply.
On this application page, you will also be asked to upload a signed version of the agreement found here.

The following battery products have been approved for the Solar Battery Savings Program.

How does adding a battery benefit you?

  • Reduce your energy bill
    By installing a battery in your home, you can use it during the “On- Peak” period between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m., to lower your utility bill when energy costs are higher.
  • Leverage credits
    Discharging your battery between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. allows you to earn higher credits for any excess battery power you send back to the grid.
  • Receive ongoing incentives
    When you participate in this program, you can leverage an additional $0.10/kWh during the daily dispatch window whether your battery is being used to power your home or go back to the utility grid!
  • Support the local utility grid
    Energy demand is often at its highest during the “On-Peak” period; by discharging your battery during that time, you are supporting the local utility grid and your community.

Solar Battery Savings Program Scenario 1:
Customer with 8kWh battery discharges 50% of the battery during the discharge window to the site and grid.

Solar power generation window will vary based on seasonality and weather.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answers to our most frequently asked questions can be found below.

How do I apply?

Approved contractors will be applying for this program on behalf of their customers. If you are interested, we suggest you check our website for a list of approved contractors. Once you have selected an approved contractor and chosen an approved battery, your contractor will help you sign and submit the Community Power Participant application as part of your contracting process. Community Power will notify you and your contractor upon approval to proceed with permitting, interconnection application, procuring materials and installation.

How do I estimate how much energy I need and how much I can dispatch to the grid?

Your contractor should be able to support you in figuring out how much to discharge during the dispatch window based on your historical energy consumption. Your battery is set to discharge to your home first and any excess will go back to the grid, so you don’t need to worry about dividing up your battery energy between your home and the grid – the performance incentive will be applied whether the battery is discharging to your home or the grid. Average customers participating in the minimum 50%, will have their batteries discharging more than their site is consuming so energy will be going back to the grid.

If I participate, will my battery be available for use based on my controls or in the case of a power outage?

Yes! You have the option to select how much of your battery you’d like to enroll in the program, with a minimum 50% of usable capacity to qualify for participation. So if you select to enroll 50%, you will have 50% usable capacity remaining to use as you’d like each day.

Can I participate if I already have a solar system installed?

Yes! If you are an existing solar (NEM) customer and interested in expanding your system and adding battery storage you are eligible for the upfront and performance incentives.

I already have a battery. Can I participate in the program for the performance incentives, and does it matter what battery I already have?

Currently, the program is only offered for new batteries, but please keep an eye on the webpage as we may allow existing batteries to leverage the performance incentive at a later date.

What if I choose to unenroll?

If you choose to unenroll within the first five years of participation, we will recover a prorated amount of the upfront incentive and you will forfeit all future performance incentives.

If you stay in the program for at least five years, you can keep the upfront incentive and only forfeit future performance incentives remaining over the 10-year life of the battery.

Does this program impact any other incentives, such as federal tax rebates or Self-Generative Incentive Program “SGIP”)?

No! Enrolling in Community Power’s Solar Battery Savings program does not have an impact on federal tax incentives or SGIP and can be stacked on top of those incentives to further lower the cost of the system. This program does not allow for enrollment in any other active dispatch programs, like the Emergency Load Relief Program (“ELRP”) or Demand Side Grid Support (“DSGS”).

Program Manual

The full program details for SDCP’s Solar Battery Savings Program can be reviewed here.