Power100 provides 100% renewable and carbon-free energy.

About Power100

Power100 provides 100% renewable and carbon-free energy at a slight premium, empowering you to minimize their carbon footprint and support a clean energy future.

Power your home or business with energy from entirely renewable sources, like solar and wind, and eliminate greenhouse gas production from your electricity use at only $0.01 per kWh more than our standard PowerOn service level.

Commercial customers who choose Power100 can become a Power100 Champion here.

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At San Diego Community Power, we want to empower you to make choices about your electricity.

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If you would like to change your service plan, please have a copy of your SDG&E bill handy as you will need your SDG&E account number. Please be sure to input only the first 12 digits of your account number. Include any leading zeros and omit any spaces.