Solar for Our Communities

San Diego Community Power (SDCP) is seeking interested solar developers to make 100% renewable energy more accessible through local, small-scale solar projects through its Solar Discount and Community Solar Programs.

What is Solar for Our Communities?

SDCP’s solar programs are designed to increase local, new-build, small-scale solar projects in disadvantaged communities (DAC), or communities of concern, as defined by CalEnviroScreen 4.0.

SDCP is seeking developers interested in both programs as well as non-profit community-based organizations (CBOs), schools and government entities* willing to sponsor specific projects for the Community Solar Program that will help reduce residents’ long-term energy costs and create a more sustainable future for the greater San Diego region.

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has allocated 15.78 megawatts (MWs) of solar generation for the SDCP Solar Discount Program, which is formally known as the Disadvantaged Community Green Tariff (DAC-GT). The CPUC has also allocated 4.38 MWs for the SDCP Community Solar Program, referred to by the CPUC as the Community Solar Green Tariff (CSGT).

*Government entities can include municipalities, Joint Power Authorities, SDCP member agencies and more.

Are you a developer? Stay up to date and register here for project opportunities.

Are you a CBO, government entity or school? Learn more about how you can partner with solar developers on a Community Solar (CSGT) project here.

August 25, 2023DAC-GT and CSGT RFO launch and Q&A opens
November 3, 2023, 5:00 p.m. PDTDeadline for Electronic Question Submittal
November 17, 2023Final Q&A addendum posted to RFO website
October 18, 2023, 3:00 p.m. PDTDAC-GT and CSGT RFO Webinar
February 24, 2024, 5:00 p.m. PDT RFO Response Deadline
February 26, 2024 through March 25, 2024Follow up with RFO respondents
April 29, 2024Supplier notifications (short-list selection)
May 5, 2024 through June 30, 2024Evaluations of negotiations with short-listed bidders, awards and SDCP Board approval (to occur at duly noticed SDCP Board Meetings)
July 2024SDCP submits executed PPA(s) to CPUC for final approval, to occur after SDCP's Board approves the final contract(s)
2025Projects to be completed, SDCP to enroll eligible customers

Important Resources:

Watch our RFO webinar and view the RFO webinar presentation.

For potential community sponsors: View the Community Solar Fact Sheet.

For developers: View the Solar for Our Communities Fact Sheet.

For more information on DAC-GT and CSGT, please visit the CPUC’s website

Resolution E-5246: Approves San Diego Community Power’s DAC-GT and CSGT program implementation plans with modifications.

Detailed Program Information

Project Eligibility Criteria for Solar Discount (DAC-GT)

  • The Project must be physically located in and connecting electrically to a circuit, load, or substation within San Diego Gas & Electric’s (SDG&E’s) service territory and located within an eligible DAC.
  • The Project must be a new solar Renewable Portfolio Standard (“RPS”)-eligible, in-front-of-the-meter generating facility.
  • Behind-the-meter projects, nonrenewable technologies, and other complementary technologies are not eligible.
  • The Project must have an online date no earlier than 2025.
  • Eligible projects must be sized between 500 kW and 20 MW.
  • The Project must have completed a Phase I Interconnection Study or equivalent.
  • The Project must comply with the California Air Resources Board’s Voluntary Renewable Electricity Program.
  • The Project must be Green-e certified.
  • The Project must qualify as a Solar Discount (DAC-GT) Project pursuant to D.18-06-027, D.18-10-007, and Resolution E-4999.

Project Eligibility Criteria for Community Solar (CSGT)

  • The Project must be located within 5 miles of the DAC census tracts in which subscribing SDCP customers reside, as further defined in the Community Solar (CSGT) Eligible Locations requirements below; and
  • The Project must submit a letter of commitment from a non-profit community-based organization (CBO), local government entity or school that would serve as a sponsor for the Community Solar (CSGT) project on behalf of DAC residents.

SDCP may be able to support the identification and engagement of a qualifying Community Sponsor. CBOs, government entities and schools are encouraged to register here to learn more.

Summary of Solar Discount (DAC-GT) & Community Solar (CSGT)

Solar Discount (DAC-GT)Community Solar (CSGT)
Eligible customers:
CARE/FERA eligible, residential DAC customers
Residential DAC Customers:
1. ≥50% CARE/FERA eligible
2. Remainder to non-income qualified
Customers receive:
100% renewable energy 20% off
100% renewable energy 20% off
Project location:
In DAC & within 5 miles of DAC(s) where subscribing customers reside
Project size:
500 kw - 20 MW
No minimum - 3 MW
Community sponsor(s):
Required, can subscribe to ≤25% of project’s capacity & receive 20% discount on that subscribed amount
Cost cap:
≤ 200% of max executed contract price in previous PV/RAM as available peaking or GT program
≤ 200% of max executed contract price in previous PV/RAM as available peaking or GT program
RFO bids:
See above.
Sponsor letter, workforce development required for all projects, prioritize top 5% DACs, projects with other government funding